As a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, competitive shooter, and avid hunter, I am able to leverage my background as a machinist in the automotive and aerospace industries, along with decades of hands-on experience and mentoring under very successful and highly respected industry experts to bring quality and passion in a wide variety of gunsmithing services to make all shooting goals achievable.
At Mo's Gunsmithing we provide quality gunsmithing and a wide variety of services for your firearms needs
Scope Mounting
Firearms Cleaning
All Repairs And Refinishing
Plus many more services are provided
One of my specialties is customizing and building M1911 style pistols for defensive and competition applications.  Although the design is over 100 years old, the platform is more popular today than ever.  When properly built and maintained, the 1911 is a very accurate, durable, and reliable pistol.  I offer many services related to optimizing this platform, and would be happy to discuss your needs to build or modify a 1911 to fit all of your needs.  

Another area where I have extensive experience building and modifying AR-15 rifles and carbines.  This modern sporting rifle is the most popular rifle in America today.  The versatility of this platform cannot be overstated.  I build many of these rifles chambered for modern calibers, for use with suppressors, and for precision shooting.

A longtime passion of mine has been precision shooting using highly accurate bolt action rifles.  Many of my custom built and modified precision bold guns are in active duty use with police and contractors in the U.S. and abroad.  Options with this kind of rifle are nearly limitless.  
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